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Our price list should act as a guide only, we will give you a quote for the work at your fitting appointment. 

Prices do vary depending on the work required, but we recommend you put aside £100-500 for wedding dress alterations and £40-120 for each bridesmaid.

Wedding Gown Alterations


Hem lift                                                            £80-140

Hem lift lace                                                    £160-260

Shoulder lift                                                     £50-70

Bust tuck                                                          £60-100

Additional boning                                          £80

Lining arms and neck                                     £25

Take sides in                                                    £60-100

Change zip to corset back                             £160

Cups supplied and added                             £20-40

Bespoke straps and sleeves                          £70-200

Bespoke dress changes and additions        £ quote will be supplied

Other Services


Gown Storage: Up to 12 months                £100

Gown Storage: 12-24 months                     £140

Dress Steaming: Bridal                                £50-70

Dress Steaming: Bridesmaids                     £15

Wedding Day dressing                                £150 + mileage over 10 miles

Packing for flight                                          £30-50

Travel box                                                     £30

Dry Cleaning                                                £140

Wedding Dress Boxed                                £70

Bridesmaids and Mother of Bride/Groom Alterations


Hem lift simple                                              £45-75

Shoulder lift                                                   £25-50

Take sides in                                                  £35-65

Cups supplied and added                           £20-40


Bespoke dress changes and additions      £ quote will be supplied

Payment Terms


We require a 50% deposit based on the written quote we give you at your fitting, with the balance due upon completion of the work. Payment in advance is required for accessories, storage and dry cleaning.

For bookings made more than 3 months in advance a small deposit of £25 is required to guarantee an alterations slot. This is deductable from the cost of your alterations and is non refundable. We may be able to do your alterations at short notice, however a rush fee will apply.

Alteration costs are subject to an annual price increase.

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